Three Safety Tips When Using A Hired Excavator In The Rain

25 June 2017
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Winter is a lovely time in Australia to get on with chores outside the house. The weather is sunny but cool, so you can landscape or excavate for a new pool without breaking a sweat. As someone who wants to hire an excavator to do landscaping work around the home this winter, it is important you are aware of how to safely operate your excavator when the weather changes and rain sets in. Read More 

Key Considerations When You’re Hiring Road Profilers

25 May 2017
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Road profiling is a civil construction job that involves removing the top, damaged layer of a road surface without disturbing the sub-grade, so that the road can be resurfaced. This is a job for the big machines. The most appropriate machines for the job are called road profilers. These machines are preferred over other earthmoving equipment because they produce accurate cuts and they can get the job done much faster.  Read More 

How to choose the right crane

2 May 2017
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Sometimes there can come a point where you need heavy lifting equipment to move one thing or the other. Choosing the right heavy lifting equipment is going to help you achieve your goal as well as save you some money. When you need a crane you can consider buying or hiring it. Why you should hire a crane The main reason why you should consider hiring rather than buying a crane is cost. Read More 

Three Important Factors to Consider for Your Forklift Training and Licensing

17 April 2017
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Special high-risk licences are required for the operation of heavy and specialised equipment in industrial and construction operations. One of these important machines is the forklift. This industrial vehicle is designed and built to perform moving and lifting tasks in commercial areas such as warehouses, transportation operations, and building work sites. The forklift is an indispensable piece of equipment for short distance transportation. However, there are numerous hazards associated with operating a forklift, including damage to cargo, collisions, and injury to other workers. Read More 

Used Forklift Sale: Why You Should Hire Professionals to Transport Your New Purchase

29 March 2017
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A forklift is a specialist piece of heavy equipment which requires expert handling when being hauled from one place to another. If you have recently purchased a used forklift truck, you may be tempted to attempt a DIY transport job. However, it is important that you seek professional help from a heavy equipment transport company. Below is a guide to 3 benefits of using specialist contractors when transporting your used forklift truck. Read More